Your Health is Your Wealth: 30 day Mind & Body RESET

Recently I was invited to speak to a group of women leaders at the WELD Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Forum, “Voices for Equity” webinar. The series was a national discussion on the pursuit of equity for black women. You know I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of health and wellness. I spoke to these women about the important tie between health and wealth . In my signature talk, Your Health is Your Wealth, I created an acronym around the word wealth. It provides a pathway for creating actionable strategies to make your health your wealth.

They are: Whitespace-creating private quiet time to think about the strategic and small issues of your life. Eating Well-what does eating well mean? What does it look like?Activity-you can bring consistent purposeful activity into your daily life. Love & Connection-our world has a crisis of loneliness. Creating and nurturing love & connection is essential. Time management-we all have the same amount of time. Manage your time to create space for what you really want in life. Habit Change-the key to sustainable action.

For the first time, I gave this talk over Zoom instead of a live workshop. I was slightly panicked as I would not be able to see the faces of the participants. I’d be missing those cues I get from a live audience. Sometimes doubt creeps in and I wonder if my words have impact and if I’ve served powerfully. Well thank goodness for the chat box on Zoom. One participant said, “What a great acronym WEALTH. It’s not about the $$, because if you’re not healthy… it’s all for nought.” Reading this and many other comments helped me know why my voice is necessary in this world to help people see the connection between health and wealth. I’d love to help you make the connection between health and wealth in my group coaching experience that will be starting soon. If this speaks to you, private message me and I’ll provide you the details.

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