Meet Coach Gina

Are you over 40 and the signs of aging are bringing you down- weight gain, lack of energy, inability to sleep, hormonal changes, lack of libido, the general feeling of “is this all there is?”  I was there once.  In fact, I was not fabulous when I was 40.  I was overweight and out of shape due to years of ignoring myself, eating unhealthful foods and drinking too much wine.  I lived with a high stress level working both day and night as a medical device sales representative.  I made a great income, but I paid a price with the quality of my life.  For years I suffered with little to no sleep.  In contrast, I went to sleep on life in many ways just going through the motions and keeping up appearances.

My Passion

Over the years, I started working with various coaches to improve my physical condition.  I also began to take care of my nutritional needs, proper rest, self- care, and reclaiming my vitality. I progressed from Curves to a local gym, individual strength training, group classes and spinning.   I started road cycling in 2013 and discovered a new love of being on my bike.  In 2016 I completed my first Sprint Distance Triathlon to celebrate turning 60!  In 2013, Once I got my health and wellness going in the right direction I worked with a transformational coach who helped me uncover the things keeping me stuck in life.  The experience was life changing.  After this transformational experience, I really wanted to become a coach myself.  I was fortunate to discover an opportunity that melded my interest in transformational coaching and health.

My Goals

Today I am a Health Coach certified by the Health Coach Institute.  I am also a certified TCM Mastery Coach. I have 25 years experience in healthcare sales and sales management where I honed my coaching skills leading teams and developing individuals.  I’m a U.S. Air Force veteran and hold a M.A. in Human Relations and Management from Webster University in St. Louis, Mo.  Since 2017, I have been coaching busy men and women to make sustainable changes that improve their overall energy, health and wellness.  I believe everyone can thrive, achieve their dreams and be Fabulous Over 40!