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Total Transformation Discovery Conversation, Free of charge:  Let’s have a conversation to uncover what you would like to improve or change.  We dig in deep to talk about what issues are preventing you from being a better you.  I provide a proven system with non-judgement support and accountability.  You can be Fabulous Over 40!

28 Day Kick Start:  Do you want to jump on the carousel and take the ride, feel joy, become the best you? Experience working with me one-on-one to create habit change for long lasting success. You can be Fabulous Over 40!

Total Transformation 90-Day Intensive:  Let’s take a 90-day journey where I work with you one-on-one to discover your unique needs.  Together we will uncover your goals and any obstacles preventing you from reaching those goals.  We will address issues with energy, weight gain, insomnia, sugar addiction and anything holding you back from improving your life.  We work together in partnership on habit change, transformation, and sustainable tools you can use for the future. Let’s rewrite your story. You can be Fabulous over 40!

Total Transformation 6-month Intensive:
  Are you burned out, over stressed, just drowning in all that life has thrown at you? Are you standing on the edge of the cliff?
Let’s take a 6 month journey where I work with you one-on-one to discover there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  During these 6 months, we will uncover the new you. We will rewrite your story with you in control of the narrative.  What’s your wildest dream ? What have you always wanted to achieve? What are you waiting for, let’s take action together now. You can be Fabulous over 40!

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Speaking & Seminars:  custom options available upon request

Your Health Is Your Wealth Workshop

Welcome to the third week of 2021.  According to USA Today, January 17 is D-Day for most New Year’s resolutions.   As you know, I’m not a proponent of the typical New Year’s resolution process.  It doesn’t lead most people to holistic, sustainable changes.

In 2018 I designed Your Health Is Your Wealth to help a group of entrepreneurs understand the connection between health and wealth.   Health isn’t just weight loss and wealth isn’t just money.

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic and the long term stress that everyone is living with, taking care of your hearth is even more important.  Now is the time to shore things up and make sure you are optimizing your health.  I help you by looking at six critical factors of health and providing actionable strategies that you can implement to improve your health and your wealth.

Here is what my wealth formula looks like:

Whitespace-In a world that is constantly clamoring, would you like to find peace and quiet? Developing a practice of quiet contemplation & active thinking to address the important choices, decisions and relationships in your life is key.

Eating well.  What does eating well for your health really mean?  What does it look like?  Eating well is about more than just food, it’s also about your relationship to food and how you eat.

Activity.  We were designed to move.  How and how much are you moving your body? What movement best suits you and your lifestyle? How do you set up a system that helps support consistency and real progress? Let me show you.

Love & connection is often overlooked as a critical component to health. Author Dan Buettner of, The Blue Zones mentions the role of connection to healthy living and longevity.  Would you like to learn how to nourish this in your own life?

Time Management.  We all have the same amount of time.  Would you like to know how to improve your use of time so you create the space for what’s important in your life? 

Habit Change.  Habits run our lives.  Sometimes they are unconscious.  Would you like to know how to tie it all together through habit change that drives real sustainable change in your life?  


“It is amazing”!!

The next six-week workshop begins February 10, 2021 and ends on March 17, 2021 Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. EST.  We meet over Zoom for 90 minutes of teaching, connecting, coaching and fun.  Won’t you join me?

If this speaks to you, message me and I’ll be able to answer all of your questions.

What people are saying about Gina!

When I started working with Gina I had just struggled through a difficult year, that was far more stressful and damaging than I imagined. I was overweight, tired and frustrated. I was stuck. Gina came armed with so much knowledge, real world advice,amazing support, accountability and empathy. Her non-judgmental approach made it easy to peel back the layers of myself to get to the results I wanted. What started as dealing with the issues of menopause, led to dealing with time, work and money. I looked forward to our once a week video calls that were so supportive and beneficial.
When you do the work, the 90-day transformation truly works! Gina is a wonderful example of fitness and health over 40!